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#Kolkata: It is freezing cold in Kolkata Tomorrow, from Sunday, the winter is expected to be more glamorous Winter is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. But tomorrow, visitors will not have access to any of the sights in Kolkata, including the zoo, even if they want to on Sunday. Because the pre-vote in Kolkata on Sunday (KMC Elections 2021) 7

Usually any vote takes place in the hot summer months of April and May Kolkata residents will vote in the winter (Winter 2021) on Sunday All places of interest in Kolkata, including zoos and museums, are closed on any election day. This is because of the urgent need for security and no one from outside is allowed to enter Kolkata without special permission.

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The same rule is being applied for pre-voting Section 6 of section 144 continues Other elections are hot, so even if the zoo or Victoria is closed, it doesn’t have that effect But winter and Sunday mean that these places are overflowing with people As a result, those who plan to visit the zoo or museum tomorrow will have to think about that other day.

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Police have tightened security at all entrances to Kolkata to ensure security at the polls. For the last few days, the car has been stopped and the Naka search is going on Not only in Kolkata, but also in Bidhannagar and Howrah

Since coming to power, state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly questioned the winter vote. He argued that if there is a vote in summer, everyone suffers City dwellers will finally have the experience of voting in winter for various reasons including Corona Atimari According to Election Commission sources, there have been 8 instances of pre-poll voting in Kolkata in the past But in the winter, Kolkata municipality election was never held On Sundays, therefore, even on winter Sundays, exceptional pictures can be seen in zoos, museums, Victoria.

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