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Sunday is no shadow day in kolkata, Sunday is no shadow day in Kolkata – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Shadows fall in the light of the sun. But what if that shadow disappears for 2 seconds? Kolkata will witness such an amazing scene on Sunday.

Not weird, not weird, really. Wrestling with shadows is a pain in the face! I do not understand the business of catching the shadow? The shadow of the sun, the shadow of the moon, assorted capital! Sukumar Roy’s shading with shadows. Shadows at night, shadows during the day. Wrestling with that shadow! But what if the shadow suddenly disappears in the sunlight? Again for two seconds?

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Yes, Kolkata will see such an event on Sunday. Sunday is No-Shadow Day. Twice a year such a scene is seen with the rising and setting of the sun’s orbit. At this time no shadow falls on the earth from 23 degrees north latitude to 23 and a half degrees south latitude. Then the sun is above the head.

For only 2 seconds then that place becomes shadowless. According to astronomer Sanjeev Sen, the position of the Sun-Earth varies. And that is why the sun will be on the head. That is why the shadow will be inconsistent for a while ‘.

Kolkata is waiting to find its own shadow. Tomorrow, Sunday. No shadow day. That is, at a certain time of the day, the shadow of any person or object will disappear tomorrow. Two days of the year we get No Shadow Day with the hand moving north and south of the direction of the sun. Someone noticed. No one does.

Tomorrow is that first day. At exactly 11:35 in the morning in Kolkata, the sun will rise above the head of any person or object. In astronomical terms it is called Lattitude Declination. The duration of this magic start will vary from two to three seconds in different parts of Kolkata. Kolkata will be shadowless.

Anything other than an object lying backwards on the ground alone will lose its shade for a while. The same thing will happen again on the 7th of July. The incident will take place in Central Kolkata at 11:41 am on that day. The duration will be a couple of seconds.

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There will be slight variations in area-wise time. The whole world, of course, will not witness this rare time. They are the only ones in the world that can observe events from 23 and a half degrees north latitude to 23 and a half degrees south latitude.

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