Surajit Saha | Suvendu Adhikari: Opposition of Suvendu! Howrah BJP leader fired within 24 hours of opening his mouth

#Howrah: Howrah organizational district BJP president Surjit Saha was severely punished for opposing opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari. This time the party decided to expel him. Sources said that this action was taken against him for violating organizational discipline. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari is said to have been slandered by Surjit and misbehaved within the party.

Recently, a committee was formed for 50 wards of Howrah on the occasion of re-election. Rathin Chakraborty, who joined the BJP before the assembly polls from the Trinamool Congress, was made chairman of the committee. This is the beginning of monomalinya. According to the source, the monomalinya goes to such a place, Shuvendu Adhikari said, with this unity you will win Howrah!

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In response, Howrah Town BJP president Surjit Saha said, “Shuvendu himself took Nardar’s money. We, the BJP activists, were not seen. Anyone who came to the BJP with Nardar’s money is seen making complaints against us. If not, give proof that he did not take Nardar’s money. “

Surjit even said, “I will stay in BJP but all those who have left Trinamool have left. Shuvendu Adhikari will also go to Trinamool. Take my word for it. Prove first how honest you are. Therefore, no officer of the party will work in Howrah. “

This time Surjit Saha is losing his place in the team due to this comment.

Reporter-Saurjyoti Banerjee

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