Suvendu Adhikari: Anti-Shuvendu means expulsion! Many are watching the storm and thunder signal inside the state BJP

#Kolkata: Suvendu Adhikari cannot be opposed. For the time being, this is the message of the Delhi leadership intended for the state BJP leadership. Part of the state BJP says, if necessary, former state president Dilip Ghosh or Kailash Vijayavargiya, Shiv Prakash, Arvind Menon among the central leadership could also be targeted, but Naib Naib Chau in Shuvendu. Amit Shah, JP Naddara gave this message by expelling Surjit Saha, president of Howrah Town BJP, who has been with the party for 26 years. That is what a section of the state BJP thinks.

Surjeet could not accept the remarks made by Shuvendur about the Trinamool alliance with the district leadership during the pre-poll meeting at the BJP’s state office and openly retaliated. Surjit has made serious allegations against the direct leadership in the internal affairs of the party and has seriously violated the rules in the media. That is what a section of the BJP thinks. In the context of his punishment, the practice has started naturally. And the issues that came up in that practice …

1. If Surjit Saha has broken the rules, why was he fired without any chance to defend himself? In that case he would be given a chance to show cause or show cause. At least it could have been suspended. The manner in which he was expelled without doing so is not unquestionable.

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2. Why will the punishment for breach of discipline be different for each person? Former BJP president and former governor Tathagata Roy has been making personal and political attacks on Dilip Ghosh, Kailash Vijayvargiya or Arvind Menon on Facebook, Twitter and even in public. Why BJP is not taking any action against him? In this case, like the state president or the state BJP’s disciplinary committee, they cannot take action against the verdict. It is a matter of the center.

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But, according to a section of the BJP, although Tathagata Roy is a former state president, he is now just an ordinary member of the party. A member of the party who has been loyal to the party for 26 years, if the current district president is found guilty of breach of discipline and can be expelled immediately without any chance to defend himself, then for some reason he has become a ‘normal member’ of the party. Go? So is part of the state and central BJP leadership supporting Tathagata Nishana? That is the reason why Dilip Ghosh is firing one cannon after another towards the camp.

Part of the BJP claims, with a little eye, ear open, it is understood, where is the real secret? A closer look at the social media shows that after becoming the Leader of the Opposition, Tathegat Roy praised Shuvendu Adhikari as one of the most promising militant leaders in the state BJP. Shuvendu Adhikari also rushed to his house in South Kolkata to seek the blessings of Tathagata. After the recent election defeat, Tathagata was present on the stage next to Shuvendu at the reception of the new state president in Hastings. Not only that, after announcing the name of Sukant Majumdar as the state president, Tathagata mocked the educational qualifications of the new state president in a bid to welcome the decision.

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Many remember, in fact, the tweet where he wrote, long after the party handed over the reins of the state to an educated man. On his Facebook page, Tathagata Roy has more than once commented on the new state president Sukant Majumder as a truly educated, tasteful and progressive young leader.

A section of the BJP is saying, is this the reason why the Tathagatas are getting relief from the wrath of the present state leadership? According to political circles, if this is the reason, then it is a threat to the future of the state BJP. Because, it means only one thing, if the incumbent of the party has to pay the price for speaking against any leader, then there can be no shadow of democracy in that party. Whoever has the power, if he is not obeyed, the party cannot be formed.

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