Suvendu Adhikari | Bjp Bengal: BJP’s embarrassment increased Shuvendu Adhikari, this time Howrah district secretary resigned!

#Kolkata: Howrah Sadar BJP president Surjit Saha has been expelled after a series of blasts against state opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari over the Narda incident. According to BJP sources, a committee was recently formed in Howrah ahead of the municipal elections. With that, he vented his anger against the angry BJP leader Shuvendu. Within a few moments, however, Surjit was expelled from the party. But even then, the anger inside the party is not suppressed. Bimal Prasad, the BJP secretary of Howrah district headquarters, resigned this time to protest against the expulsion of Surjit Saha. In district politics, Bimal Prasad is known to be close to the expelled Surjit Saha, the former president of BJP’s Howrah district headquarters. He said, “I cannot accept the way our district president has been accused. I support the district president’s protest. “

He resigned in support of state opposition leader Surjit Saha, according to the resigned secretary of Howrah district headquarters. However, Manimohan Bhattacharya, the new convener of the district BJP, refused to give importance to the remarks of the resigned leader. Surjit Saha, president of BJP’s Howrah Sadar district organization, sharply attacked Shuvendu Adhikari over the Narda scandal. The battle of Adi-Nabya in the BJP came to the fore through explosive remarks. The BJP’s top leadership, however, did not wait. Surjit was immediately expelled.

Surjit complained, “Shuvendu Adhikari has said that BJP could not win any seat in Howrah Sadar. Because the district committee of Howrah BJP had contact with Arup Roy. We want to say that he came to BJP only 6 months ago. We will not take the certificates of those of us who have been doing BJP for years! “

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The BJP was extremely upset when this explosive remark of the top BJP leader in Howrah came to light regarding Shuvendu Adhikari. Surjit was expelled to cover that discomfort. In the wake of the BJP controversy in Howrah, the Padma Shibir in Deganga of North 24 Parganas has also broken down. About 200 activists, including the BJP’s block-level secretary and booth president, have joined the grassroots from Deganga constituency number one. Meanwhile, the BJP’s internal controversy erupted again, courtesy of Bimal Prasad’s resignation.

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