Suvendu Adhikari | BJP: Pick up Narda and stab the party leader! A new storm of opposition in the state BJP

#Kolkata: In the state BJP, the opposition of Shuvendu started blowing again. In that meeting, Howrah city BJP president Surjit Saha and many others expressed their anger against the committee. Due to this, Shuvendu threatened the agitated leadership of the district. In front of state president Sukant Majumdar, Shuvendu said, “You will fight in Howrah with this unity.” Fight the vote before refraining from slandering each other. After that, Shuvendu’s explosive allegation was aimed at the Howrah district leadership, saying, “The BJP leadership in Howrah is in touch with the grassroots Arup Roy.”

According to political sources, the target of the district leadership was Sanjay Singh, the leader of Howrah district and a member of the present state secretariat, and his followers. Not only that, the original BJP has more influence in the Howrah district committee Naturally, the Howrah district BJP could not accept the “Dalbadlu” grassroots rhetoric before the assembly polls.

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Starting from Mukul Roy, the rise of Shuvendu, Rajiv, Vaishali, so they digested so long, under the pressure of the central leadership. All these grassroots leaders cannot form a government in the state without their leaders – they had to obey this directive of the central leadership reluctantly. Under the changed circumstances, they no longer want to discount anyone.

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Those who keep abreast of the state BJP’s pot say that as long as it goes on, this damadol will increase. Because, multiple. On the one hand, all the leaders, old and new, who were shocked by the Assembly vote, are now roaming around like outcast stars. Seeing that there is no immediate possibility for Bengal, Modi and Shahra have started studying with their minds, as they are going to the polls in five states. Meanwhile, Sukant, a newcomer to the BJP’s “headmaster”, has not yet been able to take over the reins of the party and the organization in such a way, even though he is sitting in the chair of the state’s “headmaster”. Naturally, tensions within the team are growing. The BJP now has a big responsibility to keep the party recognized as the main opposition party in the state.

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