Suvendu Adhikari on RajyaSabha ByPoll: Who is the BJP candidate in Rajya Sabha seat? Shuvendu Adhikari chose ‘goal’ to remove the fog in the tweet!

#Kolkata: Trinamool MP Arpita Ghosh has resigned from the post of Rajya Sabha MP demanding to work more in the party organization. The Trinamool has announced the name of Sushmita Dev in the Rajya Sabha constituency where Manas Bhuiyan will leave on October 4. However, the ruling party has not yet announced a name for Arpita. However, the buzz in some quarters of the political circles is that it would not be a surprise to see Babul Supriyo in Arpita’s seat. In this situation, there were rumors whether the state BJP would field a candidate against Sushmita Dev. But Gerua Shibir is not fielding candidates as it is not possible to win Rajya Sabha votes in terms of strength. Opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari tweeted that the BJP was not fielding a candidate in the Rajya Sabha polls. On the other hand, Sushmita came to the assembly on the same day and submitted her nomination for the Rajya Sabha vote.

On the same day, Suvendu Adhikari tweeted, ‘BJP is not nominating any candidate in the Rajya Sabha by-elections in West Bengal. The results are pre-determined. He then taunted Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and wrote, “Our focus is to ensure that a non-elected Chief Minister is not re-elected.” Joy Ma Kali. ‘ In other words, Sushmita Dev is going to be elected Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP without contest.

Earlier, Trinamool Congress had fielded retired Amla Jahar Sarkar, former CEO of Prasar Bharati, as the Trinamool Congress candidate for the seat following the resignation of Dinesh Trivedi. Before that election, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said they would also contest the seat. But keeping in mind the power in the end, Gerua Shibir did not field a candidate in the Rajya Sabha by-election that time either. This time too Dilip Ghosh and Shuvendu Adhikari walked the same path.

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Incidentally, the Election Commission recently published the schedule for the by-elections in 6 vacant seats in the Rajya Sabha. In the meantime, elections are also going to be held in the Rajya Sabha seat left by Manas Bhuiyan of Trinamool. There will also be by-elections in Assam, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. By-elections in 6 constituencies will be held on October 4. Nominations can be submitted till September 22 and the last day for withdrawal of nominations is September 28. The votes will be counted on the 4th. But it became clear today that the Trinamool candidate Sushmita Dev is going to win that seat without contest.

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