Suvendu Adhikari: Who is the mayor of Kolkata if BJP wins? Issue regarding ‘description’ of Shuvendu Adhikari

#Kolkata: ‘BJP will appoint a person who has a tip on his forehead. Taga will be in hand. Every time you see that person, you will say Harekrishna, Joy Sriram. That Kalipujo will do Durgapujo. The BJP will make such a person the mayor. This was stated by Shuvendu Adhikari while describing what the party’s mayor would look like at an election campaign meeting in Behala on Friday on the occasion of Kolkata municipal elections.

Leader of the Opposition and BJP MLA from Nandigram Shuvendu Adhikari called for the removal of Firhad Hakim from Kolkata Municipality. Fighting against Firhad Hakim, Shuvendu launched a scathing attack on the Trinamool leader and outgoing councilors from the platform, calling it ‘Katmani’s municipality’. Trinamool leaders have flooded 5,000 wetlands with Katmani in the last five years, Shuvendu said, adding that the lifestyle of the ruling party leaders ten years ago shows how much they have changed.

Firhad Hakim was at the center of Shuvendu’s attack from that stage. The cost of trade licenses for small businesses from property taxes has now been multiplied. At the bottom of the full service. But the grassroots leaders are running the Ram Raj of Katmani and Syndicate. The leaders of the ruling party have amassed crores of rupees without paying attention to the civil service. The claim belongs to Shuvendu Adhikari.

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Shuvendu also took Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee by one hand. He said, “He does not want any opposition party in Bengal. At present, the political climate in Bengal has been created in such a way that if the Trinamool Congress does not support it, it will have to survive in its area. The BJP is the only option to put an end to the way in which outgoing councilors or co-ordinators have created a cycle of corruption in the neighborhood.

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On Friday, the BJP released the list of star campaigners in the by-elections. In this context, Shuvendu said, “There is no compromise, BJP will fight the election with all its might.” In the last assembly elections, the BJP used the card of Hindutva as a tool. And how will Shuvendu Adhikari be his BJP mayor from the platform of today’s Kolkata Municipality election campaign? In addition to that description, the Hindutvaism became clear again in other discourses. However, Firhad Hakim, a first-line Trinamool leader, said, “No matter what weapon they use, the people of Kolkata will again have faith in our leader Mamata.”

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