Swastha Sathi | Latest Bengali News: আমাদের জন্য আমাদের জন্য This time a warning to private hospitals

#Kolkata: No patient can be returned with a health card (Swastha Sathi). On Monday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave a strong message to private hospitals from Siliguri. After that, the Health Advisory Association under the Health Department issued a new advisory on the Health Scheme Card of the State Health Department.

Swastha Sathi Association has issued two advisories. One is primarily for private hospitals and nursing homes. The second advisory is for government hospitals.

In the first advisory, there are more than 1,900 ‘specified packages’. In other words, whatever the disease, there are 1900 such packages under the healthcare project. But according to the Health Society Cell, several private hospitals are treating patients with money out of the package. The message has been given to the advisory about this non-package cost.

That being said, whatever the disease of the patient, it comes under any package effortlessly. If there is an emergency, up to Rs 5,000 can be billed out of the package for medicine and surgery.

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On the other hand, in case of any patient coming to the government hospitals, if he has any card of Swastha Sathi or other health project for indoor admission, he should also be brought under it.

In order to get the benefit, it is basically mandatory for the patient to have a health card. Even if there is a central health scheme or ESI card, the patient has to be brought under it

If the patient’s family forgets to bring the health card, the patient is asked to be admitted under the health worker scheme with the Aadhaar card number. If the patient does not have a card, he has been asked to be active from the hospital and issue the patient’s card.

On Monday, the chief minister said many nursing homes were neglecting healthcare cards. Government projects must be recognized. Otherwise, their license may be revoked. Then today this strict instruction.

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