Swasthya Sathi: Hospital is not taking health card? Report immediately! Toll free number introduced

#Kolkata: No matter what the opponents complain about the Swasthya Sathi card, this project of the state government is very popular among the people of Bengal. However, allegations of rejection of the card in various private hospitals and nursing homes are still on the rise. Despite repeated administrative warnings, complaints remain in many cases. Therefore, the administrative activities have been increased in parallel. There are even allegations of making fake or fake health cards. Therefore, Nabanna is going to take big steps in the case of health card like digital ration card, the source said. For the convenience of the people, new cards will be made on Saturdays and Sundays as well as holidays will not be an obstacle in the case of hospital claims. Hospitals will also be able to claim on Saturdays and Sundays. At the same time, if the hospital does not want to take the health card, the state government has introduced a 24-hour toll-free number so that complaints can be lodged immediately.

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The health commission said on Wednesday that the toll-free number would be on the back of every health card from now on. If a private hospital refuses to take a health card, complaints can be made by calling the toll free number 18003455384. Not only that, complaints can be made by complaining to four WhatsApp numbers. Those numbers are – 9073313211, 9513108383, 8334902900 and 9830164286.

Retired Justice Asim Kumar Banerjee said that if a hospital refuses to issue a health card, complaints can be lodged at these numbers in front of the hospital’s help desk. As soon as the complaint is received, those issues will be investigated and resolved soon.

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Incidentally, the main housewives of the healthcare project are women. The rest of the family will be included with the woman of the house concerned. But there are also single consumers, there are many. Many of them are not women again. The district magistrates have already instructed Nabanna to collect the Aadhaar number of each consumer. And it will be connected to the main database.

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The state government has repeatedly warned that private hospitals will not be able to return any patient who has a health card. The treatment has to be done within the package fixed by the state government. Medicines, tests and implants also have to be billed at the government hospital’s fair price rate. And the state government introduced toll free and WhatsApp numbers to complain about all those things.

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