T20 World Cup Replica: World Cup made of discarded things! Chamak Sodpur student

Kolkata: Sion Basak, a class XII student from Sodepur, surprised by making the T20 World Cup Replica exactly. Replica of T20 World Cup trophy made with shoe box, tin, couture lid. The T20 World Cup made by Sion is in the form of a trophy and looks like the real World Cup. At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish between the original and the fake.

The replica of the T20 World Cup made by Sion is also 51 cm in height. Exactly equal to the height of the actual trophy. “My addiction is to make replicas of different things with discarded things. I’ve made trophies for all the games before. The T20 World Cup is in the desert, so I made a replica of the World Cup trophy with that in mind.

Sion has already built several cricket stadiums, including the Eden Graden Cricket Stadium and Lords. Sion added, “I made a trophy like the original trophy. But I also made several small trophies with discarded items. All in all, it took me two days to make them. I am addicted to making things with things that don’t work.” Cricket fan Sion first started making models of ships, trains, cars with discarded things.

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Sion was praised for creating the Garden of Eden with the things he threw away a month ago. The Eden model made by Sion is preserved by CAB. The model is currently housed in a clubhouse in Eden. Once the museum is built, Eden, created by Sion, will have a place there.

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Sion’s dream, let’s get the T20 World Cup trophy to Dubai. Sion wants to hand over his creation to the ICC. Sion’s handiwork is already gaining popularity on social media. Sion went to Eden for the first time in 2016 to watch the game. He fell in love with Eden while watching the India-New Zealand Test match. Sion Basak, a seventh grader at the time, saw Eden’s outfit more than the match. He decided to return home and build Eden Gardens Stadium. That’s the beginning. After that, one addition after another is going on in the list

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