#Howrah: 8 minutes from Howrah to Dharmatala. Sealdah is 11 minutes from Howrah. In the next one year, passengers will be able to reach all these busy places in Kolkata from Howrah Station in a short time. Courtesy Metro Rail. Howrah Metro Station in collaboration. Construction of the country’s deepest metro station (India’s deepest metro station) has been completed. Now the finishing touch is going on all over the station. According to sources, the work will be completed in the next four months. This will connect the two busy railway terminals Howrah and Sealdah. However, if you want to travel from Howrah metro station, you have to overcome the fear of escalator. Otherwise, you have to go down 200 steps to the ‘deepest’ station. The deepest metro station in the country is slowly being transformed. Work on the last chapter of the Howrah Metro Station, built along one of the busiest railway stations along the Hooghly River, is in full swing. So if you want to go deeper into the ground, this time you have to come to Howrah metro station in East West Metro project.

Howrah Metro Station has already been labeled as ‘The Deepest Subway Station’ (India’s deepest metro station) by the Railway Board. Its depth is 30 meters. In that case, Chauribazar got the badge of yellow station for its depth of 25 meters. This time, the Howrah metro station was built at a depth of 32.004 meters (105 feet) with their ace. Because Howrah is the busiest in the country. The metro connecting this station cannot be said to be the busiest metro station. Officials of the Ministry of Railways have described the move of this metro to go under the first river in the country as historic. This metro will run through the depth of 30 meters of the river. At the bottom of the river are two tunnels of 520 meters. Howrah at one end, Mahakaran on the other. The metro will take only one minute to reach this distance. This metro will run at a speed of 60 kilometers.

To reach Dharmatala from Howrah, a pair of metro fairs. Officials of the Railway Board are sure that many passengers will leave the illusion of road and travel underground. According to the source, the construction work of Howrah Metro Station has been completed. This station is 105 feet below the ground. You have to wear four labels and five slabs to get down. Those who have difficulty in climbing stairs will use escalators. There is also a lift. That is why Metro Rail has modernized all the systems. There are 28 escalators in this metro station. There are 6 elevators. There are control and mechanical rooms on two and three floors of this four storey station. There are 4 platforms in total. Doors will open on both sides of the rack, regardless of the direction of the train from Howrah Maidan or Mahakaran. Because this system is being kept to handle the passenger pressure. There are about 15 ticket counters across the station.

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The construction company had to get enough speed to build this station. Due to its proximity to the Hooghly River, the work had to be stopped for a while due to water pressure. The ground also had to be monitored during the construction of the underground station. Because more trains like Rajdhani, Durant, Shatabdi travel from Howrah station. As a result, if any problem was created, there would be a risk of an accident. So we had to work very carefully. The construction of the metro station will be completed by 2022, the Railway Board said.

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