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#Kolkata: The days of online classes are over as announced by the government. Twenty months later the students are returning to school (WB School Reopening). Although many students have passed classes in the last twenty months, they have not been introduced to new schools or classmates, to new classes. But just then the disaster struck the Manik Tala Holy Child Institution. This morning, the parents of Jana Challis came in front of the school and started protesting. According to them, the annual examination is on November 22. For two years, students have taken exams and studied online. Parents want online exams to be taken this year without taking offline exams.

They demanded that the school start the new session from January next year. If there is fever, cold, cough, go to school. If it is time for examination, then the school will consider it. Parents are unhappy with this issue. They stood for a long time to meet the principal. Maniktala police arrived at the spot. But the principal stays in his place. He didn’t even meet anyone. A parent named Mausumi Ghoshal said, ‘Several girls were cowardly. Someone got up from Kovid a month ago. Many have difficulty breathing again. So it is better to take online test now.

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Another guardian, Sushant Roychowdhury, said his daughter could not stay in the mask for five to six hours. Will breathe. He also claims that it is very good to take online classes and exams for a few days this year. The school authorities sought the opinion of the parents regarding the online and offline exams. There, 7 out of 133 parents of ninth grade students wanted online. And 45 parents want offline test. In other words, most of the parents have given their opinion in favor of online test. Asked about this to the principal of the school, he did not want to open his mouth in any way. However, according to the common people, the government has opened the school. Everyone is happy about that.

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