Tala Bridge: Big gift for Bengali New Year, Tala Bridge built at a cost of 365 crores is being unique!

#Kolkata: Construction of the newly constructed four-lane Tala Bridge approach road is nearing completion. Work on the Tk 365 crore bridge will be completed by February next year. According to sources in the State Public Works Department, the vehicles will be opened for traffic during the Bengali New Year. For this, the construction of pillars in the project area of ​​the railway has been completed. The work on the upper part of the railway line will be done only after the completion of the remaining part of the approach road

An application for the approval of the Commissioner of Railway Safety will be made soon The new Tala Bridge is going to be 800 meters long. It will be 19 meters wide. This bridge is being built with very modern technology. No nut-bolts are being used As a result, the stability of the structure will increase a lot The Eastern Railway has already given clearance for the original design As a result, it will not be difficult to get clearance from the Commissioner of Railways The Tala Bridge was built in 1972 according to the potential bearing capacity of that time.

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This bridge is being constructed in accordance with the code of Indian Road Congress. The new bridge will be able to carry the weight of a moving vehicle of 365 tons. Tala Bridge is one of the major centers of communication between Kolkata and the northern suburbs. The old Tala bridge is being demolished and a new one is being built. Malay Ghatak told the assembly on Tuesday, “We are trying to complete the Tala Bridge by next February. The bridge is expected to be inaugurated in March-April.

Traffic on the Tala Bridge was completely closed from February 1, 2020. Within a few days, the work of demolishing the Tala bridge also started. A medical examination of that important bridge in North Kolkata revealed its dilapidated condition. After several rounds of discussions with the railways, it was decided to demolish the bridge. Until the new bridge is built, vehicles are moving on the alternative route. This is causing huge traffic jams. The expert company Rites had earlier suggested that the bridge be demolished and rebuilt. Bridge expert VK Raina reported in Navanne in support of their views. He is also one of the best bridge experts in the country. Raina Tala inspected the condition of the bridge more than once and submitted a report to the then Chief Secretary. That is October 2019.

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Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself examined the report submitted to the Chief Secretary. After that it was decided to demolish the Tala bridge. The new government came to power in the state last May. Although Mamata is the Chief Minister, the responsibilities of the Public Works Department have changed. The then Prime Minister had a bad faith. In the new cabinet, Malay Ghatak has been given the responsibility of the Public Works Department. In a question-and-answer session in the Assembly on Tuesday, Malay Ghatak said the Tala Bridge could be opened in March-April next year. According to the railways, they are in constant touch with the state. All designs and files are quickly reported. Work is underway on the upper part of the railway line.

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