#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (Tangra Fire Update) inquired into the details of the horrific fire in Tangra. He has spoken to Fire Minister Sujit Bose (Tangra Fire Update) several times. Talks have also been held with top officials of Kolkata Police and Fire Brigade. He (Tangra Fire Update) has inquired into the details of the source, how the fire started, what the problems were. Kolkata CP Binit Goel went to the spot on the instructions of the Chief Minister. Top officials of Calcutta Police were also present.

A fire broke out at a warehouse in Meher Ali Lane in Tangra on Saturday. The locals saw the flames of the fire from that warehouse. At first the locals also tried to put out the fire. But the intensity of the fire was deadly. The result was no profit. The news goes to the fire department. Five fire engines rushed to the spot. That area of ​​Tangra is already crowded. The fire spread easily.

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There was a fear from the beginning that there was a chemical in the area with the skin. Fire Minister Sujit Basu reached the spot. The intensity of the fire created the possibility of the factory wall collapsing. The area is congested and narrow. So in the beginning there was a problem to enter the fire engine. There is a lot of combustible material in that area. As a result, bringing fire under control is still a big challenge for firefighters.

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Firefighters initially said the combustibles could not be extinguished in pocket fires until they were completely consumed. Another reason is that water is not reaching the source of the fire. There is a source of fire under the broken tin shed.

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