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Target Goa, he may go to the state soon Abhishek Banerjee – News18 Bangla


Kolkata: After occupying the northeastern state, this time the western part of the country is in the eyes of the Trinamool (TMC). According to Trinamool Congress camp sources, they are busy planting flowers on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Vote for the 40-seat Goa Assembly next year (Goa Assembly Election 2022). The Trinamool Congress is moving towards the seat. And for that purpose, Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee can go to Goa at the end of this month or at the beginning of next month.

Derek and Brian are already based there Has met with multiple personalities. In the 2016 Assembly elections, the Congress won 18 seats. The BJP won 13 seats. Although after the political upheaval, the BJP formed the government. This time, the Trinamool Congress wants to portray Mamata Banerjee as the BJP’s only rival face across the country.

The Trinamool is going to form an organization in the western state to show that Mamata Banerjee is the only strong opponent of the BJP. As soon as Abhishek Banerjee took over as the party’s all-India general secretary, he said the goal was not to get one or two seats wherever he went. In fact, they want to build a mature organization.

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The Trinamool has already started that work in the BJP-ruled state of Tripura. This time they will start that work in Goa. According to sources, several former Goan footballers, an actress and several other prominent personalities can join the Trinamool Congress. This veteran leader of the one-time Congress is also a well-known name in national politics. He has been working as the General Secretary of the National Congress since 2013. In addition, he was in charge of the seven states of north-east India known as the Seven Sisters. Which included the state of Tripura.

Abhishek Banerjee has already set out to consolidate the organization in the state of Tripura. Sushmita Dev has been spending time in this state every day since taking charge. Abhishek also explained that his goal in the coming days is this state. Besides, Trinamool MPs, ministers and organizational leaders are traveling from Kolkata. With former Goa chief minister Luisinho Falerio joining the grassroots, political parties believe that two birds with one stone will die.

The BJP currently has 26 seats in the 40-seat Goa Assembly, five from the Congress, three from the Goa Forward Party, one from the Nationalist Congress Party, one from the Maharashtra Gomantak Party and three from independents. However, in 2016, the Congress got 18 seats in Goa. The BJP got 13 seats. The Trinamool Congress wants to make it clear that Mamata Banerjee’s party is the only strong opposition to the BJP.

If another BJP votes for the opposition, the MLA of that party can change the camp. The Trinamool Congress wants to make it clear that if they vote for the Trinamool, they will remain in the anti-BJP camp. Prashant Kishore’s party has already set up base in Goa to understand its political position. Sources said a delegation of Trinamool Congress MPs may visit there soon. The team leader can even go in the new year.

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