#Kolkata: Whatever the verdict, the state BJP is not giving much importance to his statement This was stated by BJP state president Sukanta Mazumdar while sitting next to Dilip Ghosh. According to the BJP state president, Tathagata Roy is now just a senior member of the BJP (Sukanta Mazumdar Ignores Tathagata Roy).

For the past few days, Tathagata Roy Attacks BJP has been continuously attacking the state leadership of the BJP. His main target is former BJP state president Dilip Ghosh Tathagata Babu is blaming the failure of the state leadership for the failure of the BJP to live up to its expectations in the Assembly elections and the failure of the by-elections.

Even within the state BJP, the veteran BJP leader has been vocal about the money cycle. While welcoming the grassroots leaders, Tathagata also lamented the BJP’s consequences. Last Saturday, he also attacked Dilip Ghosh for being half-educated All in all, the state BJP is now in big trouble

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Asked about the various comments made by Tathagata Roy on the day, BJP state president Sukant Majumder said, “Tathagata Roy is not in any position in the BJP now. He is just a senior member of the BJP. In his remarks, the BJP state president made it clear that the party was not paying any attention to the senior leader’s remarks. According to BJP sources, for the time being, it has been decided that no one from the party will publicly comment on the verdict. This is because the image of the party was being tarnished by the regular verbal battles between leaders like Dilip Ghosh and senior leaders like Tathagata Roy.

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Tathagata Roy, who has previously served as the state president of the BJP, has served as the governor of Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya. But just before the assembly elections, he was removed from the post of governor At the time, there were rumors that Tathagata might be the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate. But with the BJP’s goal of winning the election elusive, that speculation came to an end No responsibility has been given to the new Tathagata verdict at the state or national level On the contrary, by criticizing the state leaders of the party, Tathagata has become a cause of uneasiness for the BJP

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