#Kolkata: Is former state president Tathagata Roy becoming active in the BJP again? State leaders have been targeting him since the results of the assembly polls. Almost every day, the state BJP leaders, especially Dilip Ghosh and Kailash Vijayavargi, target the central leadership. The former governor has stepped up the attack after the BJP was virtually wiped out in the four-state assembly by-elections on Tuesday. After the results were announced yesterday, Tathagata wrote in a tweet, “The party allowed the brokers to get calls. They brought them in garlands. Those who used to do BJP for ideology were told, ‘What have you done for so many years, snatch?’ What should be done now? The tragic fate of the BJP today is for all this. ” In this context, he brought Dilip Ghosh’s tweet. Tathagata explained his attack in a tweet again without cutting off the traces of that incident.

Retweeting the same day, the former governor of Meghalaya wrote, “Some people are shocked that I have publicly condemned the BJP leaders. Listen. I did not say a word before the election. I said inside the team. But after the collapse of the election, when it was seen that there was no attempt to analyze, on the contrary, they were slapping their backs by saying “3 to 6”.

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He does not speak with concession to anyone in politics. His identity inside and outside the house is also Durmukh. So it was certain that Tathagata Roy would not remain silent at that time after the BJP had forfeited its bail in three of the four by-elections in the four centers of the state and after a huge defeat in one. So they are the ones who attacked Dilip Ghosh by pulling his tweet.

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Tathagata Roy had a meeting with BJP state president Sukant Majumder last Sunday morning. Then Kailash said in the context of victory, ‘Hate is growing.’ At the same time, he said, Kailash is not returning to the state BJP. The first name in his target is always Kailas. Even in the context of recruiting grassroots, Tathagata has repeatedly targeted Kailas. In the context of Rajib Banerjee’s return to the grassroots, Tathagata Roy also raised questions on Twitter within the BJP. As a result, the Tathagata verdict has now become another name for embarrassment for the state BJP leaders.

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He has been vocal about the BJP’s defection for a long time. He has repeatedly spoken out against Dilip Ghosh, Shiv Prakash, Arvind Menon and Kailash Vijayavargi. He complained that many people from the grassroots got the opportunity to join the BJP in groups courtesy of this quadrangle. And that is why the ideology has been watered down. The team is getting that result.

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