Tathagata Roy on BJP Defeat | “The BJP’s tragic consequences are for all this,” Tathagata Roy said

#Kolkata: He does not discount anyone. His identity inside and outside the house is Durmukh. Today, when the BJP’s bail was seized in all the three by-elections in four constituencies, it is certain that Tathagata will not remain silent. Tathagata must have been waiting to see the final result. As soon as the result of that vote came out, the former governor of Meghalaya, Tathagata Roy, violated all the limits. He pulled out an old post of Dilip Ghosh and fired a cannon, blaming the state BJP for today’s outcome.

Today, Tathagata Roy wrote, “The party gave a call to the brokers. They brought them in garlands. Those who used to do BJP for ideology were told, what have you done for so many years, snatch? We have brought eighteen seats. Like Julius Caesar, Vini Vidi Vici now.” What is the use of cheating? Today, the BJP has a miserable fate for all this. “

Tathagata Roy’s tweet-

The direction of the Tathagata verdict is very clear. He has been vocal about the change of party for a long time. Dilip Ghosh, Shiv Prakash, Arvind Menon and Kailash Vijayavargiya have repeatedly opened their mouths. According to him, courtesy of this quadrangle, many from the grassroots got the opportunity to join the BJP. This is how the ideology has been watered down. They have not heard anything from the lower house before and after the vote, Tathagata has also made such allegations in the past. “I hate Kailash Vijayavargiya. Then today’s post.”

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Tathagata Roy’s quote VD VC is a Latin phrase. The real meaning of this parable is hidden in the play Julius Caesar. Winnie the Pooh VC means I came, I saw, I won. Tathagata wanted to say that Dilip Ghosh’s approach or posture was a lot like that. And BJP is counting its toll today.

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