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Tathagata Roy on Dilip Ghosh: Dilip Ghosh-Tathagata Roy clash in public


#Kolkata: Former state president Tathagata Roy hints at Bengal becoming active in BJP again? BJP leaders in the state have been targeting him since the results of the Assembly polls were announced. Among the state BJP leaders, especially Dilip Ghosh, the central leadership has been targeting leaders like Kailash Vijayavargy. He stepped up his attacks after the BJP was virtually wiped out in the four-state assembly by-elections on Tuesday. This time, Dilip Ghosh tweeted about the death of Minister of State Subrata Mukherjee and got ridiculed.

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Political circles mourn the death of Subrata Mukherjee. Ruling, opposition – all camps are mourning. Various politicians have also expressed their condolences on social media. Former BJP state president Dilip Ghosh was not left out either. Besides talking about Subrata Mukherjee in various media, he also did a tweet in English. And even with that tweet, Tathagata Roy did not let Dilip Babu make fun of him.

This is the tweet of the Tathagata verdict, which was later deleted This is the tweet of the Tathagata verdict, which was later deleted

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Retweeting Dilip Ghosh’s tweet, Tathagata wrote, “Hey, no one can see the English?” However, Tathagata deleted the tweet after a while. However, the debate does not stop there. In fact, the former governor Tathagata has been raising his voice on various issues recently. Even after the results of the recent four-center by-election were announced, Tathagata wrote in a tweet, “The party gave a call to the middlemen. Like Vini Vidi Vici. What to do now? He also brought Dilip Ghosh’s tweet in the context of this tweet.

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He does not talk to anyone in politics with concessions. He is also known at home and abroad as Durmukh. Therefore, the BJP’s bail was seized in all the three by-elections in the four centers of the state and it was almost certain that Tathagata Roy would not remain silent after losing in one of them by a huge margin. So they dragged Dilip Ghosh’s tweet and attacked them. This time, Tathagata also sneered at Dilip Ghosh’s tweet in the wake of Subrata Mukherjee’s death. However, he deleted it thinking it might be a debate.

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