#Kolkata: Will Tathagata Roy be seen in an active role in the state BJP again? Tathagata Roy’s meeting with the BJP state president on Sunday morning sparked that speculation. Not only that, after the meeting at the state office in Murlidhar Sen Lane, Tathagata Roy said, “I have given several suggestions to Sukant Majumder about the organization of BJP in the state. Various issues have been discussed.” After this meeting, the Tathagata verdict was fired at Kailash Vijayavargiya in unprecedented language. Tathagata has always targeted Kailash, Dilip and Arvind Menon. However, the first name in his target is always Kailash. Even in the context of recruiting grassroots, Tathagata has repeatedly targeted Kailas. This time, in the context of Rajib Banerjee’s return to the grassroots, Tathagata Roy also raised questions on Twitter within the BJP.

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Shortly after Rajiv’s joining, Tathagata wrote on Twitter, “Trinamool-BJP-Trinamool Dalbadlu (TBTD) made Mukul Roy the co-president of the BJP All India. Trinamool-BJP-Trinamool defector Rajiv Banerjee was made a member of the BJP’s National Working Committee. Even after the BJP gave them such posts, they have changed ships and gone back to the grassroots. Can anyone tell me what is happening? I don’t know.

Returning to the grassroots from the Agartala stage, Rajiv Bandyopadhyay claimed that he was misunderstood and transferred. In that context, however, Rajib has faced a lot of ridicule. He wrote on Twitter, “I have never seen such a big thing with a small but thick mustache. It can be kept in a museum.

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Incidentally, Rajiv Banerjee was recently invited as a member of the BJP’s National Working Committee. Tathagata Roy also set the tone for that. Whether Rajiv was openly opposing the BJP or keeping in touch with grassroots leaders, he was vocal about giving him important posts. Former BJP governor Tathagata Roy wrote on Twitter at the time, “While Rajiv is pushing for a return to the grassroots, his name has been placed on the BJP’s national executive committee. The state committee has not been informed. Whose recommendation is that? What is going on?”

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Earlier, Tathagata wrote on Twitter shortly after the results of the May 8 assembly polls, “Kailash, Dilip, Shiv Prakash, Arvind – these four heads have tarnished the image of the Prime Minister and Home Minister. And tarnished the name of the world’s largest party.” They have already distributed tickets. Now they are sitting there to save the party workers from the cannon. They think this storm will go away. ” This time, even after Rajiv’s change of party, Tathagata has thrown questions at that leadership.

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