Tathagata Roy: So are you leaving the team? Dilip Ghosh retaliated against the verdict! Wrote, ‘Until …’

#Kolkata: The clash between Tathagata Roy and Dilip Ghosh does not seem to stop. The way the two experienced leaders of the party are attacking each other is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for the Bengal BJP. On Saturday, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh also suggested that Tathagata Roy leave the party directly. On the other hand, Dilip Ghosh vs Tathagata Roy attacked Dilip as semi-educated. Tathagata even joked that it was not possible for people like Dilip Ghosh to understand his words.

Incidentally, some of the state leaders have been targeting the Tathagata verdict since the results of the assembly polls. Every day, state BJP leaders, especially Dilip Ghosh and Kailash, are targeting the victors. The former governor of Meghalaya has stepped up his attacks after the BJP was virtually wiped out in the recent four-state assembly by-elections. After the by-election collapse, Tathagata wrote in a tweet, “The party allowed the middlemen to get calls. They brought them in garlands. Those who used to do BJP for ideology were told, what have you done for so many years? We have won eighteen seats. Like Julius Caesar What should be done now? The tragic consequences of the BJP today are for all this. ” He added Dilip Ghosh’s tweet with that tweet. Where Dilip Ghosh warned to expel the ‘brokers’ from the party.

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After digesting one attack after another, Dilip Ghosh opened his mouth. Tathagata said without giving his name, “When you are feeling so ashamed, leave the team. Those who have given the most power, given the most benefits, they have done the most damage to the team, they have done nothing for the team. This is being done again and again with our party.

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Tathagata did not grow a beard here in that episode. In the tweet, he brought up the issue of Joy Banerjee leaving the party. In a tweet, Tathagata, a former state BJP president, wrote, “Joy Banerjee has left the BJP. This constant bleeding is not good at all for the West Bengal BJP. Dilip Ghosh said, if I am ashamed, I should leave the team. I don’t care about him. I am now a regular member of the team. But I will stay that way and help the team manage properly. Until then …. ” According to the political circles, in this one tweet, Tathagata Roy explained that he is not moving away from the path of conflict with Dilip Ghosh.

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