Tathagata Roy: Sudden change in ‘bio’, hint of big explosion in Tathagata Roy! Or leave?

#Kolkata: Tathagata Roy in the title again. Recently, Dilip Ghosh along with a section of the BJP leadership came under attack. It was as if one explosion after another was happening. Dilip Ghosh was also retaliating. The way the two veteran leaders of the party continued to attack each other in a nasty manner was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for the Bengal BJP. Although this time Tathagata did not attack anyone.

After several controversial comments, this time the ‘bio’ of Tathagata’s verdict changed on Twitter and Facebook. In a tweet, he wrote, “General information: A small change has been made to my profile description. So far, where ‘Iconic Rabindra Setu can be seen in the picture’ has been written, now ‘Recently Whistleblower’ has been written. The same change was made on Facebook by the former state president and the former governor.

After the change in the Tathagata verdict on social media, there was an uproar. Many people say, then he is leaving the team? Although he has ruled out that possibility. Rather, it indicates a big explosion. In the midst of one controversy after another, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh recently suggested that Tathagata Roy should leave the party directly. However, Tathagata attacked Dilip as semi-educated. He even joked that it was not possible for people like Dilip Ghosh to understand his words.

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Incidentally, since the assembly elections, some of the state leaders have been targeted by the Tathagata verdict. Every day, the state BJP leaders, especially Dilip Ghosh and Kailash, continue to attack the victors. After the by-elections in the state after the Assembly elections, Tathagata wrote in a tweet, “The party allowed the middlemen to get collars. Like Julius Caesar, Vini Vidi Vici. Along with that tweet, he added the tweet of former state president Dilip Ghosh. Where Dilip Ghosh warned to expel the ‘brokers’ from the party.

After that Dilip entered the hall. “When you are so embarrassed, leave the team,” he said without naming the counter. Those who have given the most power and benefits to the party are the ones who are doing the most damage to the party now, they have not done anything for the party. ” He wrote, “Joy Bandyopadhyay has left the BJP. This constant bleeding is not good at all for the West Bengal BJP. Dilip Ghosh said, “If I am ashamed, I should leave the team.” I don’t care about him. I am now a regular member of the team. But I will stay that way and help the team manage properly. Until then …. ” He explained again, not leaving the party, but waiting for a political explosion.

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