#Kolkata: Tathagata Roy has been the most talked about name in the state BJP lately, even though he is not in a big position. In recent times, the state, including Dilip Ghosh, has been wielding the sword almost daily against a section of the BJP leadership. One of his tweets is exploding inside the team. Although he was attacked by Dilip Ghosh, the former governor of Meghalaya is not shying away from it. Tathagata Roy and Dilip Ghosh – the way the two veteran leaders of the party have been attacking each other in a nasty way – is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for the Bengal BJP. This time Tathagata went one step further.

Tathagata wrote on Twitter on Thursday, “BJP’s well-wishers say my complaint about money and women should be made within the party, not publicly. I politely say that time has passed. The BJP can do whatever it wants to me. But if they do not radically reform their behavior, then the extinction of the party in West Bengal is inevitable.

Two days ago, after several controversial comments, Tathagata changed his ‘bio’ on Twitter and Facebook. In a tweet, he wrote, “General information: A small change has been made to the details of my profile. Where it used to be ‘Iconic Rabindra Setu as seen in the picture’, now it is written ‘Recently Whistleblower.’ Not only on Twitter, but also on Facebook, the former state president and the former governor made the same change.

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Dilip Ghosh advised Tathagata to leave the team in response to one attack after another. And on social media, rumors are circulating about the verdict to change the ‘bio’, so is he leaving the party? But he has ruled out that possibility. Rather, he has shown himself as a member of the team. Incumbent BJP state president Sukant Majumder also termed Tathagata as a general worker of the party, standing by Dilip’s side. Despite this, there is no sign of stopping the Tathagata verdict. Instead, he is attacking a certain section of the BJP.

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Incidentally, since the assembly elections, some of the state leaders have been targeted by the Tathagata verdict. Every day, the state BJP leaders, especially Dilip Ghosh and Kailash, are targeting the victors. Former state BJP president Tathagata Roy has hinted that the blast will take a few more steps this time.

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