Tathagata Roy | The name of the thorn is Rajiv Banerjee, Tathagata Roy got a new weapon to pierce four heads

#Kolkata: Once again, the state BJP is in great discomfort. Recently, Rajiv Banerjee has been named in the list of special invitees to the BJP’s new national working committee. Whether Rajiv is openly opposing the BJP or not, he is keeping in touch with the grassroots leaders. And after this incident, once again, the Tathagata verdict was revealed in Tu Tu Ma Ma. His accusation is directed at the aforesaid four leaders.

Former BJP governor Tathagata Roy wrote on Twitter, “While Rajiv is pushing for a return to the grassroots, his name has been placed on the BJP’s national executive committee. The state committee has not been informed. Whose recommendation is that? What is going on?”

In another tweet, Tathagata reminded that in a similar manner, the wife of the late Somen Mitra was declared the candidate for the Chowrangi constituency before the polls. Shikha rejected the offer and made it clear that he had no dealings with the BJP. Tathagata Roy has once again taken to his heels, his previously quoted KDSA-team. Namely Kailash Vijayavargiya, Dilip Ghosh, Arvind Menon and Shiv Prakash. Tathagata Roy has repeatedly complained about these four in the past. He blamed them for welcoming the defectors to the team.

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On May 8, Tathagata wrote on Twitter, “Kailas, Dilip, Shiv Prakash, Arvind – these four heads have tarnished the image of the Prime Minister and Home Minister. And tarnished the name of the world’s largest party. They are sitting there to save the party workers from the cannons. They think this storm will go away. “

According to the data, at least 47 people left the grassroots and joined the BJP before the polls. Excluding Mukul Roy, only two have won, they are Shuvendu Adhikari and Malay Ghatak. Tathagata’s anger was on the side of the defeated Trinamool-abandoned neo-BJP. Tathagata’s remarks about these grassroots apostates were, “What would be expected of a bunch of low-minded short-sighted people who have no political understanding, passing the eighth grade?” And for this whole incident, he pointed a finger at the four heads of the team. Even after the removal of Dilip Ghosh as President a few days ago, he remarked that it was a very timely step.

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