Tathagata Roy: ‘What could be more embarrassing for the BJP?’ Explosive Tathagata verdict again! Who is the target?

#Kolkata: After the collapse of the assembly, the list of dissidents in the BJP in Bengal has been growing. Anupam Hazra, a former MP who left the Trinamool Congress, was added to the list on Sunday. Explaining the cause of the collapse in Bengal, Anupam said, “Leaders from the grassroots were given more importance before the vote. There was a lot of dancing with people from the movie world. And because of that the old leaders and workers were cornered in the party. In fact, it is clear that the strategy was wrong. It was not understood then but it was understood later. ” Anupam Hazra has made it clear that the BJP was targeting the state leadership. This time, his statement was supported by former BJP state president Tathagata Roy.

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In support of Anupam Hazra’s statement, Tathagata wrote in a tweet, It is not right not to give importance to the old leaders of the party. – BJP central secretary Anupam Hazra. Although young in age and limited in experience, Anupam’s statement is noteworthy. This time the BJP gave the ticket to a man who rejected it out of hatred (Shikha Mitra). Nati got tickets from three cities and played with Madan, then lost and vanished. What could be more embarrassing for the world’s largest political party? ‘

In fact, Tathagata has repeatedly raised his voice against the BJP leadership, including Dilip Ghosh. Recently, Rajeeb Banerjee got a place in the list of special invitees in the new National Working Committee of the BJP. Whether Rajiv is openly opposing the BJP or not, he is keeping in touch with the grassroots leaders. In that regard too, Tathagata Roy attacked the four BJP leaders.

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Tathagata wrote in a tweet about Rajiv’s inclusion, “While Rajiv is pushing for a return to the grassroots, his name has been included in the BJP’s National Executive Committee. The state committee was not informed. Whose recommendation is that? What’s going on? ”Tathagata has been the target of ‘KDSA’ since the Assembly polls, namely Kailash Vijayavargiya, Dilip Ghosh, Arvind Menon and Shiv Prakash.

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Even before the Ekushey assembly elections, the Bengal BJP leadership had practically opened the doors of the party for leaders from different parties to come. And because of this, a bunch of grassroots leaders stepped up to join the BJP. Due to this, the original leaders and workers of the BJP started getting frustrated. Tathagata Roy has repeatedly raised the issue. This time, even though he stood by Anupam Hazra’s allegation, he stabbed Dilip Ghosh.

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