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‘Tea at the door’ in Newtown, Jahangir quenches night bird’s thirst on bicycle – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: During the lockdown, the boy had to buy a biscuit to eat, but the money had to be counted. How will the rest of the day? He would drown in that thought. Maybe today you can buy and eat those biscuits. He still doesn’t have much resources. But he smiled and said, “I’m fine now. There’s no shortage.” That sentence has no existence in the middle class. The man’s name is Mohammad Jahangir Khan. Will be at the end of age 40. He will be found on the Newtown premises from 4 pm to 5 am. Bicycle rings can be heard in ‘Door Tea’.

He worked as a painter before the lockdown. After that he lost his job and sat at home. At that time there was no money in hand. Wife, one daughter and one son in the family. A friend advised Jahangir to open a tea shop to feed them rice. But you need resources to open a shop. There was no such thing. There was only one bicycle. Rusty old bicycle. The girl had a flask. Filled with tea, he went from house to house and started selling tea. That was the beginning of his life. Then word of his tea spread in people’s mouths. People call it ‘Lockdown Tea’.

After the lockdown, Jahangir himself changed his name to ‘Tea at the Door’. His house in Echo Park. He sells tea by bicycle from Echo Park to Haldirams on VIP Road. He was asked, “Why do you sell tea at night?” He replied, “People can get tea wherever they want during the day. How many people work at night. I make tea for them.”

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Seeing Jahangir’s bicycle, now the lorry also stops. After taking a break of a minute, the drivers got back in the lorry after drinking tea, biscuits and grilling from him. The policemen who were patrolling at night also called him. He stays up all night drinking tea. He made three kinds of tea, not one kind of tea. Milk tea, lemon tea, black tea. Coffee is also available from him. The road is not dirty, for that he has hung a plastic on his bicycle. Jahangir requested to throw a cup of tea and garbage in it. In his words, “Newtown Police’s grandfather, Mejbabu all help me a lot. I have been going out for two years now. But one night there was no problem. Yes, the police are by my side.” And in the night, the ‘Messiah’ Jahangir of the lovers is also by their side. Two springs have passed, at the end of many more winter springs, one can truly say to Jahangir, ‘I want you for a cup’.

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