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Teachers are getting sick every day on SSC Dharna Mancha, but still waiting


#Kolkata: Dharna Mancha is running for 241 days for SSC job seekers. That dharna mancha is going on at the foot of the Gandhi statue on Mayo Road. Going to the dharna stage, it was seen that the other comrades who were with Subodh Babu were pouring water on his head, someone was blowing again. The job seekers took him to SSKM Hospital on their own initiative.

He was brought to the hospital by a doctor from the emergency room. How much longer? Sudip Mandal answered this question. “Most of us job seekers come from very poor families. Many of our family members have never held a government job. After passing the SSC exam, I had high hopes that I would teach in the school. I have been home for five months. I am going through dharna in this way after eating half stomach. Until we get a job, we will protest like this. “

Subodh Haldar – MA in Political Science. With BEd. He also passed the School Service Commission examination and is a job seeker. He has a wife and children at home. Dharna is spending most of the day on the stage. He used to go to Birbhum’s house and work as an agricultural laborer on people’s land to give food to his wife and children at home. Great hope, you will get government salary in a month.

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Rolling from morning to afternoon. Subodh Guy lay in bed with unbearable fever all day. When the dharna ended like that day in the evening. Then his comrades took him back to the mess in Calcutta. Some of the future teachers are often getting sick. Still, hopefully, if the job is done. Everyone looked more closely at the CBI investigation. But the CBI is moving at a slow pace. Job seekers have been quite shocked. The question on everyone’s face, how long?


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