Teachers Day 2021: Mystery of Boubazar Metro from the earthquake, ‘Futuristic’ teacher gets Shiksharatna award!

#Kolkata: Dr. Sujib Kar, Headmaster of Ganipur Shitlatala High School in Maheshtala was awarded the “Shiksharatna” award. Everyone who is active on social media says that he regularly gives scientific explanations on a number of issues, such as earthquakes, rains, and the changing nature of the weather. And in each case those predictions match 7 One of the biggest incidents in the state in recent times is the collapse of a metro tunnel at Boubazar in Kolkata. One house after another collapsed Traditional houses are reduced to dust. Metro authorities took advice from him on how to move the work forward by saving the landslide

The state government has honored Dr. Sujib Kar with Shiksharatna award. Speaking about the incident in Boubazar, Sujib Babu was talking about the character of the soil of Calcutta Engineers had to work hard to find a solution for Boubazar. 7 experts from home and abroad have to be appointed However, Sujibbabu’s research is the only way to find a solution. In fact, he had already researched why there was so much collapse in the city of Calcutta. There is ground water level or aquifer in Boubazar area. He explained how that could damage the project. He explained to the metro engineers while sitting in his school how to avoid landslides. Then the work begins.

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So far, there has been no problem in Boubazar. He has also worked for the human development of the students throughout the school. For all these works, his school has developed a distinct identity in the entire South 24 Parganas So Sujib Babu’s research. His knowledge. It is useful for people from all walks of life. In many cases, Dr. Sujib Kar’s research has become an easy task for the administration. However, he is very unresponsive to the whole issue In his words, “The job of teachers is to shape the next generation. I have done my job. I hope students will benefit from this work in the days to come.”

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