Arnab Hazra, Kolkata: A teacher father found the Humanitarian High Court on Tuesday to save the child and family. ‘Stay happy. Don’t be disappointed, be happy ‘, in the filled courtroom, in the remarks of Justice Abhijit Ganguly, it seems that teacher Devajyoti Mandal started dreaming of a new life. The house is near Hooghly Tarakeswar. He used to teach at Birbhum Jethia High School (Calcutta High Court).

Has been teaching for 11 years. Teaching Mathematics. So far so good, Mastermashai got into trouble with her child. Children with special needs. Unable to accept the fate of his wife, he has taken the target of the accident several times. If you can’t stand by your family in this situation, it’s all over. No objection is required from Birbhum school to transfer from Birbhum school to Hughli school. The school filed a case in the High Court for not giving it. Judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay was informed by the school authorities to know the real problem of the teacher.

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Teacher’s lawyer Firdaus Shamim said that although there was talk of NOC or transfer a few months ago, no coordinating message was given in that regard. After hearing questions from both sides, the Humanitarian High Court on Tuesday ordered the transfer of the single bench with no objection. Hooghly Baliguri Adharmini Vidyamandir will release the school release in Birbhum by March 25. Devajyoti Mandal will join the new school by March 29. Recently, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay directed the teachers to report in an unprecedented manner. Lawyer Firdaus Shamim said the teacher would inform the court about the health of his child and wife with a report within 15 days.

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If necessary, the teacher will bring the medical documents and prescription to the court. During the case, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay called the family members of the teacher to the court. Justice’s message, be happy, be happy, take good care of your children and wife, everything will be fine. Many lawyers have welcomed the High Court’s humanitarian decision.

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