Teenagers are happy getting Vaccinated

Spokeperson: Rahul Gadia, Director

Charring cross nursing home pvt ltd


1.As a doctor, what is your take on kids vaccination?

Ans: According to doctors the kids vaccination should start from 2 year onwards.

2.How is the response of kids and parents to vaccine?

Ans: Both the parents and kids are happy especially the kids, as they are getting their 1st dose of vaccination.

3. How are kids reacting to vaccine – are they scared, are they open, how are they feeling after being administered?

Ans. The kids are very much open at the time of registration. After they are administered they are feeling normal and there is no kind of pain.

4. What message would you like to send out to other parents and kids?

Ans. The parents and their kids should not get scared of taking the vaccination.

5. If you want to add anything more then please do?

Ans. Today is just 1st day cannot say much but it is a good experience.

6. Do you have enough stock of Covaxin

Ans. Yes, we have enough stock.

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