#Kolkata: Again the ‘TET’ discomfort of the primary education boards. The Board of Primary Education is uneasy in the High Court about TET 2014. This time there is a complaint about ‘category’ irregularities in the board. On Monday, Justice Abhijit Ganguly directed the CBI to submit a preliminary investigation report on the appointment of Group D of the Central School Service Commission (SSC).

In the midst of the news of SSC’s discomfort, the news of the discomfort of those primary education boards again. The Calcutta High Court has ruled that a bogus appointment has been made in Group-D. And this time the category of primary TET (TET) irregularities are initially recognized by the court. How TET General Category Successful Candidates Fall Into ‘Conservation’ Category The appellant filed a case in the High Court seeking his explanation. In July 2021, the examinee lodged a written complaint with the Board of Primary Education. He complained about why the list of successful general category candidates should be included in the reservation list. Applying to correct the category irregularities did not work.

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So Beldar from West Midnapore was forced to approach the High Court. Knowing the allegations, the question of the Kolkata High Court, how is this possible. Justice Mausumi Bhattacharya has directed to take action within 4 weeks. Atarup Bandyopadhyay and Samit Bhanj, lawyers for the West Midnapore Belda examinee, said, “The allegations of category irregularities are not one or two but many. That is why Justice Mausumi Bhattacharya has directed the board to take action and come up with a reasonable solution. “

Advocate Samit Bhanj further said, “We are getting many more allegations of category irregularities. We will follow the next legal step by seeing what steps the board takes. There is still 3 weeks left in the hands of the board.


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