Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: Durga Pituri Lane is also busy on Friday morning. Cracks have appeared in several houses on this road in Bowbazar Metro. Seeing this, the foreheads of the residents are full of worries. They complained that KMRCL did not come forward even though cracks were found in the house. Many people, including the chief engineer of KMRCL, went to Chaitanya Sen Lane in Boubazar on Friday after receiving the complaint.

Despite assuring that the cracks are not dangerous, the residents of the cracked houses are not able to shake off the fear. Several officials, including the KMRCL chief engineer, came to Durga Pituri Lane on Friday morning. Talked to residents. Suklyan Dutt, this house has already been renovated. They are worried about cracks in the new house. Crack meters are installed in cracked houses. The reason for installing this meter is to understand whether the crack is getting wider. Tilt meters are installed to see if the house is tilted in any way.

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In addition, the ceiling of the house has been fixed with wooden bolga or iron stand clip. Wherever there are allegations of cracks, all the places have been marked on this day. There will be an eye on whether the cracks are growing! Engineers are not really free to worry about the locals. Many people said on that day, “After you got the news, you found out that there are cracks in the house. Meanwhile, all the engineers travel through here. Shelly Bhowmik had the same allegation.

“Those whose homes have been destroyed will understand their plight,” he said. A few days ago, the house in Boubazar collapsed. Who will take the responsibility that my house will not collapse? ” Chinmoy Bhattacharya, another resident of the area, said, But the engineers should come and explain to us. We should have talked. We are no longer engineers. “

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Such allegations have been circulating inside Boubazar. Although they claim after the KMRCL inspection, these cracks are not dangerous. After effects can be some cracks. The cracks will be marked and monitored. All the houses will be repaired when the after effects time is over. Will be repaired as per the demands of the residents. From that crack, things like Boubazar will not happen. A helpline number will be provided to the residents of the area which will be open 24 hours a day. There they will be able to report anything at home. For now, the residents of several houses in Boubazar are spending their days with this assurance.

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