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Muralidhar Sen Lane at the center of a BJP procession demanding reduction of VAT on petrol and diesel. The BJP has called for a procession from the state office in Murlidhar Sen Lane to Dharmatala on the same day, demanding why the state government should not reduce VAT on petrol and diesel after the central government waived the duty. But Kolkata police did not allow the procession, citing the Corona situation and the fact that busy roads such as Central Avenue would be blocked. With a large number of police forces to prevent procession, the BJP was surrounded by the BJP state office. Meanwhile, several BJP leaders, including Ritesh Tiwari, came and sat on Central Avenue and tried to block the road. About 30 BDP leaders and activists, including Ritesh Tiwari, were immediately arrested and taken to a prison van. The BJP leadership is adamant in demanding a procession On the other hand, the police are also reluctant to allow the procession Although the two sides discussed, the solution did not come out

Leaders like BJP state president Sukant Majumder, opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari and MP Dilip Ghosh have already reached the state office. All in all, the tension at the scene is gradually increasing

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