#Kolkata: The traces of the fake cement cycle were found in the heart of Khas Kolkata. Also on Bhavanath Sen Street in Shyambazar, a bustling area of ​​North Kolkata. Allegedly, the factory used to be filled with well-known expensive cement bags.

The people of the area complained that this fake cement business was going on for a long time. On Monday morning, the factory was raided and it was seen that the work of packing fake cement was going on All the workers fled in front of the godown. The cement godown is 30 to 40 years old. Allegedly, a person named Panda Tapan Ghosh of Chakra.

According to sources, he had long ago created a license for cement production. The locals claim that the accused is carrying on the cycle of counterfeit cement by showing the license of the central government.

Talking to one or two of the people who were working there, it was learned that the cement was crushed and mixed with other things to make adulterated cement. When the customer wants the brand of cement, he is sold adulterated cement in the bag of that brand of cement.

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At present the market price of well-known cement is 410 rupees per bag. It is alleged that a class of unscrupulous retailers bought sacks from this factory for three hundred rupees and sold the adulterated cement at the price of the original cement. According to Rita Basu, a local resident, the local people are also facing problems due to cement dust. But this cycle is so influential that everyone is afraid to open their mouths against them easily.

Not only in Shyambazar, but also in the alley next to Ultodanga police station, it is alleged that fake cement is being traded. After the roof of the house collapsed, the young man committed suicide. The young man took fake cement from a trader of building materials named Nimai Mandal in Rajpur.

People save Sadh’s house by saving trouble. And those savings are at a loss, due to the wealth of counterfeit cement. After receiving the news on Monday, the police of Tala police station came to the spot but the police station was not seen to take any action against the cement clique.

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