The driver stopped his car and jumped from Maa Flyover on Sunday Evening.

#Kolkata: Maa Flyover crashes again in Kolkata on Sunday. Later in the evening, the driver stopped the car and jumped into the empty flyover (Maa Flyover Accident). He was rescued and taken to Chittaranjan National Medical College Hospital (Kolkata News) where doctors declared him dead. The accident happened after 8.30 pm. Police are investigating (Kolkata News). The identity card on the back of the car shows that the person is the driver of a government vehicle.

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The incident took place on Sunday evening on the Maa Flyover Accident, one of the landmarks of the city (Kolkata News). Shunshan was the mother flyover compared to other days. The office was not crowded on Sunday. It was half past eight. According to police sources, a car was heading towards Ruby from Park Circus.

The car had the logo ‘Government of West Bengal’ written on it. Suddenly the car stopped near Pillar No. 18. Then the driver got out of the car and jumped from the flyover (Maa Flyover Accident). When he was rescued and taken to the National Medical College, doctors declared him dead.

The Maa Flyover Accident, one of the connecting links in the city of Kolkata, has repeatedly made headlines. Such deaths or accidents are not new in the mother flyover. In addition, several bike riders were injured due to the impact of the Chinese cat. As a result, thousands of questions arose about the safety of the flyover. And this time something like suicide happened.

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A 25-year-old man was killed by a private bus while passing through the flyover on Saturday morning. The bike rider died on the spot after being hit by the bus. The incident took place on Sunday evening. Police have started investigation to know the name of the deceased. He is an employee of any department of the state government.

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