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#Kolkata: He was constantly seen at the door during the government. Ananya Banerjee of that grassroots won by more than 36,000 votes (KOLKATA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ELECTIONS 2021). Which can be called a record in terms of pre-vote. There is usually a gap of so many votes in the assembly polls, the same picture was seen in the election of ward number 109. As the day progressed, the opposition practically gave a walkover.

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Kolkata is witnessing a green storm in the Kolkata polls. Trinamool seats are going to increase a lot in this election as compared to the previous election, this has become clear in the course of time. But when news of grassroots victory comes from different wards, the gap is somewhere between a little or a maximum of seven-eight thousand. But Ananya is completely different from all these. Because he has won more than 36 thousand votes.

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According to the news which started coming till 12 noon, Trinamool is leading in 133 seats and Trinamool candidates have been declared winners in many seats. The BJP has won a few seats. However, the vote of the left has increased. The Left is ahead of the BJP in more seats. The equation of politics that has been seen for so long has changed a lot in the Kolkata city elections. The Left is ahead, the BJP is behind. Ananya Banerjee seems to be staying at another pole from within.

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