Kolkata: Trinamool state secretary Kunal Ghosh visited the SSC protesters on Saturday. Job seekers from the Department of Work Education and Physical Education had their position near the Shaheed Minar. Kunal Ghosh told the job seekers that the government wants the problem to be solved. If there is any complication, it will be resolved quickly. But if there is politics with it, the problem will become more complicated. Put your trust in Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The problem will be solved very soon

Kunal Ghosh said, “I was leaving today after a program at the Press Club. I saw some people standing. They are job seekers of SSC. Department of Work Education and Physical Education 6 They wanted to say something, wanted to give a letter. I talked to them. I also took the letter. They are staying near Shahid Minar. They asked me to go to their location premises. I went with them. I sat down. Iftar after Ramadan. Iftar was held there at the request of everyone. There was also discussion. I said, don’t think of the government as an enemy. We have to see where the tangle is. In such a large system, if something happens somewhere on behalf of a handful of two or four people, you have to suffer from its complications. The government too. Put your trust in the Chief Minister. “

In the words of Kunal Ghosh, “job seekers have also expressed confidence in the Chief Minister. I said, I am not one to solve your problems. But whatever you say, whatever letter you give, I will deliver to the right place. However, it is difficult for me to talk about it without knowing what problems are in front of the government. We talked for a while with those who are in the midst of many adversities. I will do my best. “

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