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The killer of Bhabanipur came from Orissa. Exciting turn in police investigation – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Police have arrested three people in connection with the murder of a Gujarati couple in Bhabanipur on Thursday morning. Two of the three were arrested in the morning, after which police arrested a third on the basis of their interrogation. Police believe that this third person came from Orissa as a super killer. According to police sources, the killer was hiding in Kolkata after the murder.

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But the police have not yet reached a clear conclusion as to why the murder took place. However, police sources said Ashok Shah, a resident of Bhabanipur, had borrowed large sums of money from an acquaintance. It is believed that Ashok Shah could not return the money and that is why he had to be killed. In addition to the super killer, there is a mastermind behind this incident. She is known to the family. According to the police investigation, the mastermind went to the couple’s house a few days before the incident. There he plotted murder.

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Police have started marathon interrogation of the three arrested since Thursday morning. The interrogation started in Lalbazar. What is being questioned in this interrogation three days after the incident! According to police sources, the police are looking for the mastermind. Police are conducting a detailed investigation into how much money was given to the arrested super killer, who paid for the murder.

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