#Kolkata: Finally, Jagat Mandal got due appreciation of art. His passion is to make idols with all kinds of materials including wood and stone. From that love he made the full-length idol of Rabindranath Tagore with his mind. But where is the buyer?

This 10 feet high Rabindra idol was placed on the side of the road in STK of Kalna city in the hope that it would be sold before 25th Baishakh. ‘For sale’ written below. Some showed interest. But many people turned away after hearing the price of one lakh rupees.

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That idol is sitting at the Ruby corner of Kolkata. The name of the area has been changed to Robi Mor. This idol has been bought with a price of one lakh rupees. Naturally, a smile appeared on the face of the artist Jagat Mandal, who was struggling to run his family.

The full-length statue of Rabindranath was kept on the side of STK Road near the new bus stand in Kalna town. The statue may have been placed somewhere, so it was left behind, the locals thought. But as soon as they go ahead, they break the mistake. At the bottom of the statue, they see ‘For Sale’ written. Some curious people also call the artist. But after hearing the price, everyone went back. The world hoped that many people would travel on this road. Someone must appreciate the quality of the artist. His hope came true. It was not too late for the artist to get the customer after the news was published in the news.

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Jagat, a resident of Yogipara in Kalna, has a three-year diploma from the Academy of Creative Arts. He became the first in the first class. Family with wife and two daughters at home. At the state level 2003, 2004, 2005 – Jagat has won awards in the wood industry for three consecutive years. He said that it took a month and a half to make the 10 feet high Rabindra Murti. The statue is made of French chalk, marble dust, chemicals and rods. Many people travel on STK Road. If it caught the eye of an art lover, it was left on the side of the road for sale. Despair came. Said, I thought I would survive with the creative arts. But there is no market. I am struggling to run my family. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. I will find a way to earn by making wooden furniture.

Now that frustration is gone. In a word, this sculpture made by him has sold one lakh. Sitting in a crowded area in the heart of Kolkata. Naturally happy sculptor Jagat Mandal.

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