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The price of fire in the market, the hands of the middle class in the sixties – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Sadh’s son-in-law. Market prices are rising. The market had already risen. This time the price of fire fish before jamaisasthi. Hilsa and shrimp are out of reach. Mango and litchi have made a century in the fruit market. 300 to 400 jam on the way.

Let’s take a look at the market price of fish and meat …


Baby – 1000 rupees

Weighing 600 to 1.5 kg – 1200-1600 rupees

Weighing more than one and a half kilo – 2000-2500 rupees


Galda 800-1000 rupees

Baghdad – 1000-1200 rupees


The whole 250 rupees

300 rupees deducted


The whole 300 rupees

Cut 350 rupees

Vhetki 600 rupees

400-600 rupees on the side

Pabda 500-600 rupees

Chital 600 rupees

Tangra 600-700 rupees

Chicken meat 220 rupees

Khasi meat 60 rupees

Nirapada Das, a fishmonger, said the fish market was already booming. The prices of all the fish have also increased in the market of Jamaishthi. Trader Rahul Das said that every year on the day before Jamaishthi, the market goes up. Suprabhat Mitra, a resident of Baliganj, took pabda, hilsa and shrimp for his son-in-law. Said the market price is a little higher but tomorrow is the son-in-law episode. So whatever happens if the budget does not take the thing of the son-in-law’s choice!

After fish and meat, the fruit market is also quite high

Himsagar 90-100 rupees

Lame 100-12 rupees

Chausha 120 rupees

Litchi 90-100 rupees


Small 100-150 rupees

Big 200-300 rupees

Prices have risen for everything from cooking gas to edible oil At least vegetables are relieved in the market of this year’s price increase.

Chandramukhi potato 40 rupees

Jyoti potato 30 rupees

Topaz potato 26 to 28 rupees

Onion 30 rupees

Ginger 120 rupees

Garlic 120 rupees

Tomatoes 100 rupees

Raw chilli 80 to 100 rupees

Capsicum 150 rupees

No matter how much the price goes up, one day son-in-law is said to caress. The crowd is in the fish market.

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