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The project inaugurated by the Chief Minister must be completed within the stipulated time


#Kolkata: Last week, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself expressed her displeasure over the long-delayed inauguration and laying of foundation stone projects at Bankura and Purulia district administrative meetings. Not only that, during the live broadcast, the Chief Minister in the presence of the Chief Secretary and the Home Secretary gave information about the projects that have been lying dormant for a long time.

Due to this, the top level officials of Nabanna are very active this time. On Tuesday, Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi held a long meeting with secretaries of various departments and district governors. The topic of discussion at the meeting was how far is the progress of the projects inaugurated and laid by the Chief Minister? According to sources, the meeting sent a strong message to various departments and districts.

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The departments and districts were instructed on this day to complete the work of the projects within the stipulated time. Besides, the Chief Secretary said that there should be no misunderstanding between the various departments and districts regarding the work of the projects. It also directed the departments and districts to work in coordination. Besides, Bengali help centers were also discussed in the meeting. The Chief Secretary directed the districts to make the Bengali help centers in different districts more active.

On the other hand, the allegations of the Chief Minister’s Office are being received, the Chief Secretary instructed to expedite the disposal of those allegations, according to sources. At the same time, details of the projects inaugurated by the Chief Minister and the groundbreaking of the projects to be uploaded on the “Coordination” portal created by the state government were discussed, sources said. However, in this day’s meeting, the complaints submitted by the Chief Minister’s Office have been asked to be disposed of by the districts more expeditiously.

According to the source, an outline was given at the meeting on how the services could be delivered to different departments through Bangla Help Centers. It is also learned that instructions will be sent to the districts soon.

Incidentally, the government will be held at the door in the main tribal areas from June 13 to July 31. Nabanna has already given necessary instructions to the districts as to which services related to land mutation will get priority. Sources said that during the meeting, reports were also sought from the three districts on the work of the Land and Land Revenue Department.

Sources said that reports were sought on the work of Land and Land Revenue Department in North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas and Jalpaiguri district. This morning, the chief secretary held a meeting with the district magistrates about the creation of soil and the school dress of the school children.

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