The purpose of the ration at the door is great, the High Court praised without giving a stay order

#Kolkata: Stay away from issuing suspension orders on project launch On the contrary, Calcutta High Court praises Duare Ration, which was highly praised by the state government for launching a door-to-door ration scheme. According to Justice Sinha, the purpose of the door-to-door ration project is great in the face of Corona overcrowding

From this day onwards, Duare Ration project has been launched in the state But some ration dealers had applied to the Calcutta High Court for a stay on the project. But Justice Amrita Sinha dismissed the petition

Rejecting the stay petition, Justice Sinha lauded the door-to-door ration project. The court observed, ‘Ration at the gates of the state in Corona Atimari is a great project An invisible virus has taught us to adapt to many things. I had to stay under house arrest to survive. The concept of the workplace has changed. I am learning to work from home.

Marketing through virtual. I avoided going to the store in person. In this situation, the state’s plan to deliver daily necessities to the doorsteps is really impeccable.

Rejecting the plea for a stay on rations at the door, Justice Sinha added, “Not all government projects will be successful. It takes time to say whether the project will be successful or not when the customers have accepted it. It cannot be said that injustice is being done through the project (ration at the door) now. The court is not intervening in this matter now.

On the same day, lawyer Kalyan Bandyopadhyay asked the question on behalf of the state government Asked about the door-to-door ration project, he said, “The state government is launching this scheme for the benefit of consumers. As a result, it cannot be blocked by any third party. Food Minister Rathin Ghosh also claimed, “Before the project was launched, we called all the ration dealers and explained the project relationship. Even after that, some dealers approached the court Mamata Banerjee has started this work for the betterment of the people. The government project started at the doorsteps across the state on the same day after getting the clearance from the court

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