Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: The speed of water in the canal is not hindered in the work of Metro. Metro was reported by the executive director of the construction company RVNL. They are working with adequate permission of the Irrigation Department. Complaints about drainage have come up in the New Goriya-Airport project. In this project, Indian Railways wants to run Metro from New Goriya to Ruby this year. Kolkata Metro Rail is working for that.

Work is going on with the cooperation and permission of the state. In this case, there will be problems if the work is stopped. Description of four places mentioned in the report. Everything will be cleared by June 10, according to the municipality. The report mentions the rules of the Irrigation Department and the issue of widening the bypass. Metro Rail is going to inform the state about this report by letter. The municipality stopped the new construction work on the drainage canal.

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Drainage is almost closed during the construction of the metro. The Calcutta Municipality called an emergency meeting on Monday. Apart from the Metro authorities, Irrigation and KMDA officials were also present at the meeting with Kolkata Municipality officials. Several decisions were made due to the difficulty of construction.

★ A committee will be formed under the leadership of the Municipal Commissioner. The committee will inspect the closed canals and give necessary advice.

নির্মাণ Construction work is not done by closing the mouth of the canal again. If necessary, only the advice of IIT Kharagpur can be accepted.

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★ For the time being IC or intercepting canal drainage will be cleaned quickly. On the other hand, in the report given by RVNL, they mentioned, Abhishikta Crossing – Pillar No. 110-112. The work is on the TP canal. The work of the four foundations is complete. The canal water is not obstructed here. In the next 15-20 days, the acquired part of the canal will be cleared. Nonadanga-No road found here for Metro work. Metro is widening the bypass here The pillar here is number 165-16. Work on the two pillars is complete. The work of the two will be completed in the next few days

Work near Ambedkar Bridge – Pillar number 216 here. There are two canals here. Work on a canal will be completed in the next 15 days. The work here is very challenging, as the two stations here are Ritwik Ghatak and Varun Sengupta.

Metropolitan Canal– Here Pillar 262 is 6 There is no work on the canal here. Work is being done on the bank. There is no possibility of water stagnation. The part where the work is being done will be completed within next 15 days. Nearby is Beleghata metro station.

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