#Kolkata: The proliferation of Coronavirus is still sufficient in the state. Almost every day around a thousand people are being attacked in the state. The death toll continues to rise. The third wave of the corona (Corona third wave) can strike at any moment. The state health department has taken several precautionary measures in the last few days. The health department is not willing to keep any gaps. The state health department had earlier planned to prevent more infections in children in the third stream of corona.

Earlier, there was talk of setting up ICUs (PICUs) for 1300 children and 350 sick newborn care units (SNCUs). Three new hospitals in the state have been renamed as Centers of Excellence (COE) and ESNCUs and PICUs have been brought under its supervision. These hospitals are Fulbagan BC Roy Children’s Hospital, Park Circus Calcutta National Medical College, North Bengal Medical College.

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In each of these three hospitals, there will be a maximum of 30 government hospitals where the ICU of the children will be further developed. In all medical college hospitals, district hospitals, sub-divisional hospitals, super specialty hospitals, primary health centers where there are ICUs for adults or children’s ICUs, the state health department has allocated around Rs 100 million to further improve the infrastructure.

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With this money, it has been instructed to look into the third wave of Corona so that there is no shortage of equipment required for the treatment of any patient. This money has been allocated for the need to buy machines like bipap machine, bubble sipp machine, blood analyzer machine, humidifier in case of shortness of breath. The number of corona cases in the state is increasing day by day. The total number of corona cases in the state has crossed 1.7 million. The death march continued. The number of deaths due to coronary heart disease is 20,000. That is why the state health department is reluctant to take any risk, they have been taking all necessary steps for a long time. All steps are being taken to ensure that no patient is deprived of treatment.

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