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#Kolkata: To speed up the vaccination of corona, the state government took the initiative to go door to door to vaccinate The state has already issued guidelines to this effect (Covid 19 Vaccination at Home). The state government has adopted the scheme to identify those who have not yet received the first dose of Covid 19 Vaccine or have not been vaccinated due to being bedridden. Because vaccination is the only way to prevent coronavirus infection, the center has repeatedly said.

Soumitra Mohan, top official and secretary of the National Health Mission, has already issued guidelines for starting door-to-door immunization program (Covid 19 Vaccination at Home). There, the district magistrates and chief health officers of each district have been asked to send health and Asha workers from house to house to investigate the immunization. The same instruction has been sent to Calcutta Municipality

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Despite repeated warnings about the need for immunizations, there are now many people who have not received the first dose for various reasons. Many have arrears of the second dose again If you find someone who is reluctant to be vaccinated at home, health workers will explain the need for vaccination, and arrangements will be made to vaccinate. Those who have not been vaccinated due to bed rest will also be vaccinated at home. However, the system of vaccinating the sick, bedridden or elderly at home has already started locally

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Corona vaccination started in the state on January 16 So far 6 crore 16 lakh 98 thousand people have received vaccination But many of these numbers still need to be vaccinated for the second dose The Kolkata Municipality, however, has already prepared a list of bedridden senior citizens who cannot come to the immunization center in advance.

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