Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: This is going to be the first industrial fair in the state. This international standard art fair is being held at the Science City premises. This industrial fair is going to be inaugurated on 20th April, the opening day of the World Bengal Industrial Conference. This art fair will last for 5 days in total. Representatives of 12 countries (Industrial Fair) will be present in this industrial fair

The fair is being organized under the auspices of Confederation of West Bengal Trade Association. Bird’s eye art at the moment in the state. The Chief Minister has repeatedly said that his main goal is to create employment and industry in the coming days. Therefore, the state government is optimistic about this year’s World Bengal Industrial Conference. The state (Industrial Fair in Kolkata) wants to convey the message of the state’s industrial position to the people from this industry fair.

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Sushil Poddar, president of the Confederation of West Bengal Trade Association, said there were a total of 600 stalls at the fair. There are 15 pavilions in total. Various industries including electric vehicles, car parts, chemical products, petrochemicals, plastics, solar and electronic equipment, food processing, jewelery, information technology – will join here. He said that representatives of various well-known foreign organizations as well as different states of the country are going to join here.

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Preparations for the construction of the fair pavilion will begin after the official inauguration of the Milon Mela today. The fair will be held in Science City. The hall covers an area of ​​about 3.75 lakh square feet. Industrial companies from Delhi, Mumbai and several other states will be present. Multiple seminars will be held. Many famous industrialists from home and abroad will be present here. Bengal’s own products will be highlighted here. On the other hand, Milon Mela premises are being inaugurated on the same day. All the events can be organized here as a permanent premises. There will be strict security measures on the occasion of the industrial conference. Except for the first two days of the art fair, everyone can enter the art fair.

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