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#Kolkata: Corona infection (Covid 19) is on the rise in the state and in Kolkata. There is a lot of skepticism in the minds of the general public about this new outbreak of corona. Different opinions have been made about the condition of the medical system. On Tuesday, the doctors held a press conference from SSKM Hospital on all these issues. Physicians Abhijit Chowdhury, Deeptendra Sarkar, Kunal Sarkar and Yogiraj Roy were present.

At the beginning of the meeting, doctor Deeptendra Sarkar said, “We have entered the third wave. When the new corona started spreading in South Africa, the infection had increased 100 percent in just 7 days. So we have to be careful. We can’t go without masks. There is no need to worry because someone has had it once. People have been infected with the virus at least twice. Paracetamol is the real medicine. Getting up is a good sign.

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Doctor Kunal Sarkar asked the state government to think about Gangasagar Mela from this same press conference. “The pressure on the hospital beds is slowing down again. If people are aware, that pressure can be avoided. So if we avoid the crowds, we don’t have to be in danger. Long before South Africa,” he said. Our country may be free of covid. There are still enough covid beds in West Bengal. But how long it will last depends on the common man. Doctors will have to decide on the risk of patients. But there is disagreement on how long to stay in isolation. In place, there is a one-of-a-kind number of days. Physicians will understand the situation and tell you the number of days. “

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Doctor Yogiraj Roy, referring to the mete at the festival, said, “I saw Durgapujo, Kalipujo, the situation was still under control. The number of infections suddenly increased. That means the character of the virus has changed. “There’s a lot of risk involved. They may need oxygen. Research is still being done to change the nature of the virus.” At the end, the doctor Abhijit Chowdhury said, “The third wave has come, we are at a very early stage. The whole thing will be clear in the next two weeks. So much so that it can spread from house to house. If a large number of people are infected, the serious illness will increase slightly. But there is no need to panic. The tendency has been created, but it would be a mistake to think that antibody cocktails will cure all diseases.

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