The temperature in Kolkata has dropped to 4 degrees in 4 days. Pleasant weather will be felt till Kalipujo and Vaifonta. – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The rain is gone. This time West Bengal Weather has started to be dry. According to the Alipore Meteorological Department, there is no possibility of rain in Bengal at present. As a result, the night temperature is slowly falling. The mild winter mood is being felt quite well in the morning. According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature will drop further from Sunday night. The aura of winter will be felt more at night and in the morning. However, there is no possibility of a cold winter at the moment. However, the temperature in Kolkata dropped to 4 degrees in 4 days. Pleasant weather will be felt till Kalipujo and Vaifonta.

The weather office said there would be partial fog in the morning in almost every district of the state. However, light rain is expected in Darjeeling and Sikkim on Monday and Tuesday. However, the winter will be felt more in the western districts. From Sunday, the night temperature may decrease all over Bengal. Due to which, the meteorologists estimate that the winter mood will increase a little more in the morning.

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In the next few days, the night temperature will decrease a bit, which will increase the winter mood, as well as the fog will increase in the morning, the weather office said. The meteorological department said the low pressure in the south-east Bay of Bengal is currently near the coast of Sri Lanka. It is said to be gradually moving further west towards the coast of Tamil Nadu. There is a Pubali axis from this depression to the north-west Bay of Bengal. The cyclone is on the Kerala coast adjacent to Lakshadweep. Meanwhile, there is another cyclone off the coast of Tamil Nadu. At the same time, northeast monsoon winds are prevailing in the southern Indian states. On the other hand, it has been reported that a new western storm will hit the states of north-western India on November 1.

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South Indian states, including Tamil Nadu, have received rains due to low pressure, cyclone and northeast monsoon. According to that source, heavy rains are expected in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Kerala in the next few days. Heavy rains are forecast in these areas till October 30 due to northeast monsoon. Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema are also likely to receive heavy rains.

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