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#Kolkata: The United Front (Sanjukta Morcha) had to hold on to only one seat in the Assembly despite fighting with high hopes. Stay away from turning around, Left-Congress 8 has been removed from the assembly In this situation, the future of the united front was also created with fog Finally, CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury on the Sanjukta Morcha made it clear that the need for a united front was over. After the state committee meeting in Kolkata on the same day, Yechury made it clear, “The front was formed for voting. The election is over, the alliance is over. “

Nowsad Siddiqui, the only ISF candidate to win the Sanjukta Morcha, won the last assembly election. The biggest ally of the Left Front was the CPIM, a major ally of the Left Front. After the election catastrophe, therefore, the CPM had to face the questions of the participants in the meeting of the Left Front. Even at the Central Committee meeting, the CPM’s state leaders had to listen to the electoral tactics.

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The Bhabanipur By-Election (Bhabanipur By Electuon) has also pushed for a united front. Because the Congress has said that it will not field a candidate against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in this seat. It was even informed that the Congress would not be present in the campaign of the United Front candidate After that CPM 7 fielded candidates in Bhabanipur Even after that, the state leaders of the CPM could not say anything clearly about the future of the united front.

Sitaram Yechury was present at the CPM state committee meeting in Kolkata on the same day Yechury made it clear in response to a question from reporters that the party’s state leaders had been telling the unpleasant truth for so long. Saf said that after the vote, there is no need for a united front On this day, another significant decision was taken at the meeting of the state committee of the CPM The CPM’s state committee has decided to consider a grassroots proposal in the anti-BJP movement. However, there are doubts as to whether the grassroots anti-BJP movement will give the CPM that opportunity, at least at the state level. However, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly sent messages to the CPM-Congress in the fight against the BJP.

Besides, it was decided at the state committee meeting on the same day that the state conference of the CPM will be held in Kolkata from February 19 to 21 next year.

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